Sooty Fox Sparrow Makes His Debut

This gallery contains 3 photos. The browner cousin of the Song Sparrow (for whom he can be mistaken), the Sooty Fox Sparrow is the largest sparrow to visit the backyard. He puts in cameos — like the House Finch (although those invariably come in “he-and-she” pairs).

Fox Sparrow on Lawn

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The Importance of Memorizing the Entire Periodic Table of Elements in Grade 7

I had a most unorthodox Grade 7 home room teacher. Among a number of Mr. S’s regular students, he was referred to as Spaz–the prevailing opinion being that he was insane. His less-than-flattering handle was one that he knew very well, and even utilized when he wanted our attention. Mr. S. was an ex-army man, and he often ran classes with military efficiency and precision.

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