The Seven-Awards-in-One Award

dragons-loyalty-awardTHE SEVEN-AWARDS-IN-ONE AWARD
Thank you (again!) to Irene at for my fifth nomination … this time, for the Seven Awards-in-One Award. Irene hails from Australia, a land that’s known around the world for its friendly inhabitants, possesses an incredibly diverse and beautiful range of fauna and flora, and is blessed with natural wonders on an eye-poppingly massive scale. I always set aside a bit of time to read her stories (which can often take me down memory lane, too!)

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Well, It Ain’t Sugar Falling From the Sky

This gallery contains 6 photos. After swearing up and down that it rarely snows in Vancouver, I have been proven wrong two weekends in a row. However, despite the 80% chance of snow anticipated for today, it is actually raining now. Shooting dark subjects like birds and trees is actually harder with a snowy background. Flash and post-processing were required.