The Seven-Awards-in-One Award

dragons-loyalty-awardTHE SEVEN-AWARDS-IN-ONE AWARD
Thank you (again!) to Irene at for my fifth nomination … this time, for the Seven Awards-in-One Award. Irene hails from Australia, a land that’s known around the world for its friendly inhabitants, possesses an incredibly diverse and beautiful range of fauna and flora, and is blessed with natural wonders on an eye-poppingly massive scale. I always set aside a bit of time to read her stories (which can often take me down memory lane, too!)

1. Display the logo(s) on your sidebar.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
the-cracking-crispmouse-bloggywog-award4. Nominate 15 (or so) bloggers for this award.
5. Notify the nominees of their nominations.

1. I love Japanese food — especially salmon sashimi.
2. I’m an amateur birder and hobby photographer.
3. I am learning to speak, write, and read Spanish.
4. I have piloted a single-engine propeller plane (a Cessna Piper), and my co-pilot has lived to tell the tale.
5. I constantly re-read the best parts of books I own to pieces. Literally (no pun intended).
shine-on-award6. If I won the lottery, I would keep former racehorses.
7. I had aspirations in my youth to be a dog trainer, having familiarized myself with 200+ breeds.

While due diligence has been done to make sure that yours is not an award-free blog, please accept my apologies (if I have missed the obvious), and in the spirit in which the nomination is given. Thank you!

1. Brenda (
the-most-creative-blogger-awardWhen my soul needs to be soothed with poetry (or learn about different forms of poetry), this is where I go.

2. Cindy Knoke (
I’m blown away by the rich colours of Cindy’s amazing photography and the witty commentary!

3. Dark Creek Farm (
Tales from a small working farm on Vancouver Island, a place that’s near and dear to my heart. You had me at maple syrup.

4. Don Charisma (
Reader-Appreciation-AwardDon shares better blogging tips, and amazing photos and stories from his travels.

5. Hot Rod Cowgirl (
I love Hot Rod Cowgirl’s tales of the Midwest, the hot rods, and of course, horses!

6. janaline’s world journey (
Get swept away with the flavours, people, and places of Janaline’s travel diary!

most-influential-blogger-award7. Love-K (
A humble and very humorous look at life. Don’t miss the post about the enchiladas.

8. Meticulous Mick (
A fascinating pastiche of images and stories from the Emerald Isle. Did I mention that green is one of my favourite colours?

9. mrsbearfoot (
Equal parts quirky humour and great stories, with photos that are worth a thousand words, for good measure.

10. muscleheaded (
Chris has a truly irreverent sense of humour, which he uses to sound off on many topics. I love that he shares his many adventures, and his use of inspirational quotes.

the-versatile-blogger-award-(round)11. neihtn (
Author of The Village Teacher, Hien takes you on an enlightening journey with photos and stories from his travels.

12. Pierre Cenerelli (
As a fellow birder, I am both amazed and educated by Pierre’s bird photos and posts.

13. Vagabond Images (
The images and great travel information on Vagabond Images speak for themselves.

14. Veraiconica (
Find inspiration every day in Veraiconica’s images and poetry!

15. Which Way Now 101 (
Carol’s great sense of humour really shines in her posts and thought-provoking photos.


24 thoughts on “The Seven-Awards-in-One Award

  1. Lilmisspoutine, Congrats to you. And thanks for nominating friendly fairy tales, especially with such lovely words. Seven in one go, whew! That might be a record! LOL Hugs, Brenda


  2. It’s always fun to learn about bloggers – very much enjoyed reading your “7 things.”

    Congratulations to all the recipients and thank you, lilmisspoutine, for including me! Such a nice description of my blog. 😀



    • thanks, Lindy! I tell the truth as I see it. 🙂 it’s always fun to share in the experiences of other WordPress bloggers, and even more fun to discover a kindred sense of humour. Cheers! lilmisspoutine


  3. Thanks a ton for this opulent recognition. Seven in one go is a bit too much. Yet to figure out, what to do next. You had always been very generous in your likes and visits. Besides your own blog has been always very interesting.


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