How Gaudy is Your Headdress?

This gallery contains 3 photos. As many as four Golden-Crowned Sparrows showed up today for easy pickings this morning. There is a great variance in the head patterns — the more pronounced the black stripes surrounding the gold triangle on the crown of the head, the higher the social status of the bird. This one is an example of an “A-Lister.”

Golden-Crowned Sparrow

Even this far back in the thicket, the head patterns of the A-Listers really stand out. Golden-Crowned Sparrows can be commonly found wintering on the West Coast, but spend their summers in Alaska. They’re clearly not all-year-rounders. I wonder if this makes them “snowbirds”? 🙂

Golden-Crowned Sparrow

Here are two of the lesser elite (with much less and thinner black “eyebrows”), perched on the kiwi vines. They could also be ‘first winter’ Golden-Crowned Sparrows, which do not yet have their black eyebrows. They could even be a family unit.

Golden-Crowned Sparrows

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