House Sparrows Make Their Debut

This gallery contains 4 photos. For a bird species that’s reputed to be the most extensive in the world, you’d think we’d have seen more than a few House Sparrows by now. My first attempts yesterday to capture these birds rather disappointingly resulted in blurs.

House Sparrow on kiwi vine, male

But that’s not the end of the story. Not an hour later, a quartet (three males and a single female) came back to feast on the lawn. Unlike the other birds, they haven’t discovered the seed bowls yet (even one American Robin figured that out today, but he was not interesting into eating from it … the berries on the cotoneaster bushes in the backyard are much more to his liking, as are worms he might find).

House Sparrow Stares (male)

The House Sparrows also chose to hang out in the pear tree. Like the House Finches (fellow foreigners introduced with great success to North America), these gorgeously-dressed birds don’t seem to be the type to fight with each other, or other birds (even the Golden-Crowned Sparrows were battling it out with the Juncos) over food.

House Sparrow on pear tree (male)

The House Sparrows seem to court the camera, or at the very least, be used to humans. Rather amusingly, all three of them moved from the more distant pear tree to the closer one, so I could have better shots of them. The female, although not as splashily coloured as her male counterparts, is still a pretty bird. Here she is, roosting on a kiwi vine.

House Sparrow on kiwi vine, female


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