The Spring Forward Weekend Cuteness Roundup

This gallery contains 3 photos. Here are few ways to help you get over the loss of an hour’s sleep this weekend. A chickadee sitting in the pieris japonica bushes (with the small pink bud clusters) looks just a wee bit surprised to be the cover photo. He’s a bit wet, thanks to the Pineapple Express today that will end Sunday morning.

Wet Chickadee on Blackberry Vine

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The Dreams that Money Can Buy

This gallery contains 4 photos. On a picturesquely beautiful Canada Day (July 1, 2011), we noticed that the private superyacht Attessa IV was anchored near Lonsdale Quay, which is both a popular tourist attraction and a farmer’s market that’s frequented by locals in North Vancouver. What’s not so visible is the original (and much smaller) Attessa, which is moored to the left.

Attessa IV

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