Daily Prompt: Back on the Chain Gang

Charming Your Chores: Scrub That Floor!

Scrub That Floor! by queercatkitten (CC-BY-SA 2.0)

We all have jobs, tasks, and chores that we dislike doing. Tell us all about the least favorite job / task / chore that you get stuck doing routinely. What is it about this duty that you can’t stand?

No household chore in particular is a chore, unless it is done repetitively and too frequently. When chores are done a month or months apart, they can even be–yes, I dare to use the word–fun.

The one exception to the rule: the two-stage cleanse (mopping and vaccuuming) of the hardwood floors. It was, without fail, a weekend requirement. Continue reading

Good as Gold

A male (Chinese) Golden Pheasant named Humphreys. He’s one of a resident pair, and exhibits the yellow colour mutation. The other male (named Joseph, on account of his “technicolour coat” — whom we’ve yet to spot) is referred to as a Red Golden Pheasant because of his red breast/belly. Both will stop you in your tracks with their dazzling palette.

Golden Pheasant