Scurry, Ye Furry Bushy-tailed Beastie!

This gallery contains 6 photos. Eastern Grey squirrels* really aren’t seen in our neighbourhood — but they are common sights in Richmond’s Minoru Park. Although there’s a “do not feed the birds” sign posted in the park (to quote the sign: ‘as the food is a food source for rats’), there isn’t one for squirrels (who are also rodents, albeit with long bushy tails) — we’ve seen peanuts left for these critters scattered throughout. So they’re quite a bold lot around humans.

*The Eastern Gray Squirrel is a native of eastern Canada. It has been introduced (very successfully) to western Canada. Per its Wikipedia profile, the Black Squirrel (who has figured prominently into many of my photos) is actually a melanistic subgroup of the Eastern Grey squirrel … meaning that they are related, and essentially a colour mutation.


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