A Salute to the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

English: Wikipedia Saint Patrick's Day

Wikipedia Saint Patrick’s Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s my salute to the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. For giving us a reason to wear and go green, one of my favourite colours.

For gracing us with tasty dinner choices that include Irish Stew and Shepherd’s Pie. For having one of the most lush, verdant places to live in–the Emerald Isle–and visit. For having one of the highest percentage of redheads in the world, and enabling my experimentation with henna.

For the entrancing theatrical Riverdance, and hauntingly beautiful songs like O Danny Boy and Carrickfergus. For poets like William Butler Yeats, Oliver Goldsmith, and Jonathan Swift, whose works I read during my senior high school years.

For the luck of clover that grows in limited profusion in my backyard (and the shamrock, which does not), and the magic of leprechauns and their pots o’ gold, and the mystique of mushrooms and rainbows.

For giving us the talented vocals of singers like Ronan Tynan, Enya, Celtic Woman, and the Celtic Tenors. And for a great sense of humour and cheery spirit that shines even in tough times.

I raise my glass of curly kale smoothie to you.

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