Bee Patient …

This gallery contains 3 photos. Honey(bee), meet Heather. First day of spring and the industrious bees are already hard at their task of pollinating flowers. Doesn’t this honeybee resemble a mini helicopter in flight?

Bee, Meet Heather

Photographed this afternoon in the backyard. These shots were not taken in macro mode (the bees move too fast for the camera to focus), but from about 3-5 inches away in Shutter Priority mode.

Bee, Meet Heather

And the token upside down pose, when the flower calls for it. Just like a chickadee or nuthatch. 🙂

Bee, Meet Heather


27 thoughts on “Bee Patient …

  1. I love these photos!! We are about to get 2 honey bee colonies and hives. The queens are from Russia and there is hope that this genetic strain will be resilient and help bring back the bees that are dying off in North America.
    We are so excited!!!


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