I’m a Chickadee Stalker

Ask the Black-Capped Chickadee on this grapevine — I meant to photograph the White-Crowned Sparrow, but stumbled across this little guy instead, who was a foot away, and stood his ground bravely. How could I not be a fan of a bold little bird with an oversized head, and endless reserves of curiosity that belie its small body?

Black-Capped Chickadee on Grapevine

As an experiment (and since it was raining rather miserably today), I moved one of the seed bowls to a drier spot. The first (and only) birds to discover the relocated seed in a few minutes was our regular trio of chickadees. After putting the bowl back in its original spot a few hours later, the chickadees continued to visit the new location. What a memory!



14 thoughts on “I’m a Chickadee Stalker

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