Go Ahead and Say “Awww”

This will never be a photo worthy of being a Getty Images stock photo, but the moment is priceless. This female Bushtit chose the perfect moment to look up from the California Lilac bush that she’s perched in, right into the lens of the camera with wide-eyed wonder! With her yellowish eyes (the male Bushtits have dark eyes), she looks, for all intents and purposes, like the world’s tiniest owl.

Bushtit in the California Lilac (female)


8 thoughts on “Go Ahead and Say “Awww”

    • not to worry … it ain’t my first bushtit photo to receive a comment like that, and many people are dyslexic when it comes to reading/spelling the little birdie’s name for the first time! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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