Dwarf English Daisies

This gallery contains 3 photos. With their round, oversized heads, the cute-as-a-button Polar variety of these English Daisies remind me of cotton puff balls. Some yellow geraniums snuck into the first photo, but I won’t hold it against them.

Dwarf English Daisies

Nurseries give you a sneak preview of the flowers that will debut in spring and summer, and/or might look good in your own garden. It’s like being in an admission-free floral museum. This is a closeup of ‘Polar Pink” English daisies.

Dwarf English Daisies

These ‘Polar Strawberries and Cream’ (top) and ‘Polar Red’ (bottom) English daisies are poetry for the eyes and the soul! I eventually succumbed to the overwhelming cuteness, and picked up a couple of pots of the Polar Red and Polar Pink varieties.

Dwarf English Daisies


9 thoughts on “Dwarf English Daisies

    • they are photogenic, aren’t they?

      these photos were actually taken at the local nursery (I think of nurseries as flower museums that you don’t have to pay admission for 🙂 ) with a humble point-and-shoot, but I did go back and pick up two pots of the non Polar Whites) the next day.


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