Cosmic Bowling / An Unexpected Adventure in Blacklight Photography

This gallery contains 4 photos. In a bid to use up a Groupon coupon, we went bowling on a Friday night, only to discover that it was cosmic bowling night. The neon cast given to many ordinary objects made blacklight photography irresistible. Unfortunately, the same adjective could not be used to describe my many failed attempts to produce a single strike.

Big River Brew Pub Ordering Sign

Though I have observed that I did play better in the absence of light. (As well as fewer people). Under blacklight, we got to see just how well waxed the bowling surfaces are. And in case you’re curious, we did try–many times, and in Burst mode–to capture the impact of a bowling ball hitting the pins, but our timing was off by milliseconds. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

An Angled Look at the Bowling Lane

This is the only bowling alley left in Richmond, BC; it has a staying power of at least 10 years. The owners went all out with the wall murals and the carpet (which has bowling balls of every pastel colour imaginable on them). The popular White Spot family restaurant, however, has vacated the adjacent premises. The Old Spaghetti House restaurant has moved in, and is neighbour to the Big River Brew pub/restaurant, which supplies food and drink for bowlers.

Bowling Wall Murals

Cutting my fingernails before bowling will keep them from becoming ragged during bowling. Funny how I always forget to make a mental note of this fact. These aren’t my blue suede shoes, but the white and blue colours look pretty neat under blacklight, anyway.

My Bowling Shoes


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