White-Crowned Sparrow on the Pear Tree

This gallery contains 2 photos. The latest sparrow to mug for the camera. After (proverbially) chasing around this male White-Crowned Sparrow (in full breeding plumage) for a couple of weeks, he finally obliged by alighting on the pear tree and let me shoot, albeit through a pane of glass in the setting sun.

White-Crowned Sparrow on Pear Tree 2

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You Call This a Wasp?

It’s an Ichneumon wasp (Enicospilus species). Svelte waistline, super-long antennae (which can probably pick up some OTA signals, too), six-legged, and very orange. Two were spotted in my backyard on adjacent leaves, seeking some shade and warmth. Had to search high and low to finally ID the alien-looking creature. It’s actually useful for controlling flies and beetles.

Mystery Orange Bug