Walking with Wood Ducks

This gallery contains 3 photos. Mother Nature used just about every hue in her colour palette to create the male Wood Duck. He’s like the Bird of Paradise for waterfowl, although some might say that the male Mandarin Duck shares those honours.

Wood Duck (male)

Wood Ducks were a rare sight last November, but in mid-April, it seemed like they were everywhere we looked and walked! As a point of curiosity, the males seemed to outnumber the females. The women can afford to be picky.

Wood Duck (female)

This male is finding something quite funny about the whole situation of us walking with him. You look pretty silly, too, buster!

Wood Duck (male) laughing


8 thoughts on “Walking with Wood Ducks

    • “Ha ha … you look so funny with the camera, lady!” is what I bet he’s shouting! He quacks me up! 🙂

      Mandarin ducks are an extreme novelty on the West Coast of Canada … as they are Easterners! There has only ever been one sighting of the male Mandarin, and that was only because he was an escapee from a local farm here 🙂


  1. Late comment, but just want to say I love these photos, and in my humble opinion, the female duckies look beautiful too 🙂 I was able to take some photos of mandarin ducklings last week, it was very cool 😀


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