WordPress 500th Post Trophy Awarded!

Pokemons Celebrate

Pokemons Celebrate (Photo credit: Giphy)

Hard to believe, but I just received my latest WordPress trophy: for writing and publishing my 500th post. It’s a nice and unexpected gesture, especially after going without a single trophy for either one of my two blogs since March 2014 … an interminably long dry spell of non-recognition.

Cue to some celebratory music while we recap some of my other “achievements” that don’t get recognized with trophies, Continue reading

Beetlemania: An Asian Ladybug on a Leaf

A 18-spot ladybug (possibly an Asian Ladybug) photographed on a limb of a cherry tree. Other aliases include the harlequin ladybird, pumpkin ladybird, multivariate ladybird. While it controls the spread of aphids, it has become a pest itself.

Spotted Ladybug