A Saucy Bumblebee

This gallery contains 2 photos. So that’s what a bumblebee tongue looks like. Photographed upside down (as usual) in the backyard pieris japonica in a rare instance of relative calm, instead of zipping to and fro from flower to flower every two seconds.

A Saucy Bumblebee

From this angle, your tongue is not so apparent; I’d be hard-pressed to find it at all. It’s almost as if you were using a straw to drink the pollen. Incidentally, this is one of at least two bumblebees who visit our gardens; the second is TWICE the size of this one!

A Saucy Bumblebee

Look at your face and simple eyes when you flew over to the blackcurrant bush — they’re just coated with pollen! Did you need a napkin?

Pollen-Coated Bumblebee


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