A Tale of a Mink and a Mouse

This gallery contains 3 photos. This American mink was spotted ambling straight at me at the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary on a sunny Good Friday start to the Easter weekend. I thought that the “weird-looking squirrel” looked like a weasel, unlike one of the guides pointed out that mink “patrol” the sanctuary.

A Mink poses
The “spring-into-action” pose, as perfected by this model of a mink.

He’s a great swimmer and diver, having taken more than a few dips in the various ponds to fish, and is clearly not the least bit afraid of humans. They may be nocturnal and twilight creatures, but we saw at least two that were actively hunting in broad daylight! And we can’t hold DST responsible for their tendency to turn diurnal. 🙂

Mink Stares at Camera
Have you seen any nom noms headed my way?

Can we say all-you-can-eat? He’s caught a field mouse a quarter his size! Although minks will eat eggs and birds, catching, caching, and eating the field mouse is okay … except for maybe the owls, who also snack on rodents.

Mink with Mouse
Mine, all mine (you should have seen the bared teeth pose he pulled on another mink!)


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