Have Mucus, Will Travel

This gallery contains 4 photos. Yes, snails really have eye stalks. It’s not just Spongebob Squarepants’ pet snail Gary who possesses them, although I don’t think many real-life snails can (or should) bang them together to get jellyfish to behave.

Little Snail, Big Shell

I really should watch my step, especially on rainy days. I inadvertently put a sneaker down on a hapless shell dragger on the steps up to the front door, and promptly sent it to snail heaven. Oops. Here’s a survivor with a differently coloured shell.

Tiny Snail 2

It’s a fallacy that snails are slow movers. This snail was photographed “crawling” on our cement path.

Tiny Snail 3

Not five minutes later, it was already scaling the walls like Spider-man. Talk about motorin’!

Snail as Spiderman



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