Party, California Lilac Style

This gallery contains 5 photos. Nothing sets the bees abuzz like California Lilac blooming in late spring. The honeybee clearly loves it.

Honey Bee on California Lilac 1

Even though, at times, it can seem like scaling Mount Everest without pickaxe and rappelling gear (ever thought of using those wings instead?)

Honey Bee on California Lilac 2

Sometimes a particular cluster of California Lilac will be so popular that two (bees) will tango on the same set of flowers at the same time (we can get along, right? It’s the same hive!)

Two Honey Bees on California Lilac

Even this bumblebee will get in on the act. It looks almost as big as the flower it’s pollinating!

Bumble Bee on California Lilac

Even the “wannabe(e)s” will have a go at it. I’ll hazard a guess that this is some sort of Syrphid fly, but don’t hold me to it — I’m not an entomologist!

Syr Phid Fly on California Lilac


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