You Otter Be Ashamed

This gallery contains 6 photos. You know you have a cushy existence when you can spend the whole day sleeping, playing, roughhousing, eating … and doing it all unabashedly in front of an adoring crowd of camera-crazy visitors. These sea otters were photographed at the Vancouver Aquarium on July 6.

Sea Otters Spar

It’s like watching puppies at play. Except for pensive moments like this. It must be pondering deep, deep thoughts: the theory of relativity, the secret of life, or whether too much of hedonism is a bad thing.

Sea Otter Ruminates

One of them was so comfortable that it was napping while floating on its back, letting the currents carry it all over its tank, and did not even stir when its head softly bonked the glass perimeter — to the laughter and amusement of watchers. That’s not the otter below, who, judging by its sour, curmudgeon-like expression, looks like it’s just chomped down on some less-than-fresh fish.

Sea Otter Sour Expression

This is the dark-faced scrapper who starts all the roughhousing. It’s got mischief written all over its face and perpetually wet pelt.

Sea Otter Swims Around

This one is really obliging — going so far as to smile a toothy smile.

Check Out My Canines

And the same otter, waving to one of its chums. Isn’t this how the Queen does it?



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