Joyful about Jellyfish

This gallery contains 5 photos. Introduced to the Vancouver Aquarium a little over a year ago, these huge jellyfish (and their more diminutive cousins) have stolen the show at the inner exhibits. Photographed on July 6.

Pacific Sea Nettle

The members of this particular species are known as Pacific sea nettles. Beauty has a price, and the speciality of these jellyfish is a nasty sting.

Pacific Sea Nettle

Their golden-brown bells remind me of giant mushroom caps. And pincushions with lots of loose thread. Being the huge size that they are (and slower moving creatures, to boot), they were one of the easier aquatic lifeforms to photograph through glass and condensation.

Pacific Sea Nettle

There’s something peaceful about their undulating acrobatics underwater. I’m surprised symphonic melodies weren’t piped into the exhibits.

Pacific Sea Nettle

But as soothing as their motions are, I won’t be bouncing off the tops like Marlin and Dory did, in Finding Nemo.

Pacific Sea Nettle


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