Tangs a Lot

This gallery contains 7 photos. Photographing fast moving subjects with thick glass, water currents, poor lighting, and sometimes even a layer of condensate is challenging. Add a no flash policy and hordes of human traffic to the equation and you’ve got complications in spades. Some of the more colourful creatures, like this Powder Blue Tang, though, were worth the effort.


Colours abound, even with the non-piscine inhabitants. Like this pink coral. Looks like brain to me!


This darling of a Regal Blue Tang looks so serene.


And this as-yet-unidentified Tang looks like it’s smiling for the camera. Oh, those big, liquid eyes. It’s just so manga.


Their high-intensity habitats are simply amazing.


Look, I found Nemo! A few Clown Anemonefish nestle in the anemones while an Orangespot Surgeonfish (surgeonfish and doctorfish are other aliases for tang) looks on.



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