A Little Cat Tail/Tale

This gallery contains 7 photos. Submitted as part of Katzenworld’s Tuesday Tummy Rub Challenge! Funny enough, I haven’t ever owned any cats, but a beautiful young cat of one of our neighbours wandered into the backyard on the evening of August 19. It was utterly fascinated by the meowing human (who was shooting away in the sunroom on the second floor), and meowed back. That furry head kept swiveling around, whether it was sitting beside the Anise Hyssop and Obedient plants …

Kitty-Sits-Beside Obedient-Plant

… or having a good lie down next to the cucumber-and-pea patch. I’d like to think it’s my animal magnetism that draws these creatures to me. 😀


My catcalls also made it curious enough to climb the flight of stairs to the second floor (undeterred by the maze of prickly cacti, and the webs manned by a couple of fierce-looking spiders) to investigate the source of those meows. It quickly discovered an open door to the kitchen, but we carried it back inside the sunroom (it didn’t even put up a fuss when picked up by strangers), lest the owner think that we were catnappers. For its reward, it got 2% milk in a bowl, which was sampled without much ado, and strokings behind the ears from us.


For our reward, we got some closeups of an adoring feline satellite (and this was without having to resort to squeaky toys and balls of yarn!), and new careers as rubbing posts. That’s not buckteeth or an overbite, by the way, but the tip of its tongue coated in milk. Still, it made for cute (and slightly goofy) poses. 🙂




Thirst and curiosity satiated, our adorable visitor slowly made its way back down the stairs … but not before giving us a farewell glance.



10 thoughts on “A Little Cat Tail/Tale

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    • not that I mind cats, and they don’t mind me … but there’s something about me owning a dog, guinea pig, and several birds that made having a cat an extra challenge 😀

      also, with our backyard garden turned into a hummingbird retreat this summer, having this little cutie show up makes things a bit … er …. dicey! 🙂 as a matter of fact, the same kitty showed up yesterday evening, and had a stareoff with the male hummer who had come for his evening feed, but changed his mind 🙂 I had to “meow”/walk kitty away 😀

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