Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

This gallery contains 3 photos. Dialogue with a frog! I discovered this small (golf ball sized) and pacific tree frog in the backyard on the last day of August. With its lips pulled back, it sure looks like it’s cracking a smile for my camera.


Very few words were actually exchanged. In fact, I ended up monologuing while Kermit posed. I can’t even say that I heard a single ribbit, but this shot of it checking me out between two blades of grass is rather playful and cheeky.


The little hopper didn’t do all that much hopping, either. Which was to my benefit; I was able to walk the camera around it for 10 minutes and get ridiculously close. It seemed to understand the term “freeze” quite well.


Although I have spotted two other frogs of this size before, this is the first frog I’ve managed to photograph in the backyard, and what a patient subject it was! I had to resist the urge to give it a pet. More examples of dialogue can be found here.



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