Katie the Kestrel

This gallery contains 3 photos. Katie is a glove-trained American kestrel and a former pet. She doesn’t have any mental or physical injuries (unlike many of the other raptors of O.W.L.), but as she has imprinted (and depended) on humans from chickhood, she cannot hunt for herself in the wild. Photographed on Sunday, July 27.


She does earn her keep, though. Katie serves as spokesbird to the Metro Vancouver schools that the O.W.L. vans take her and her fellow raptors. To keep her cool on hot days (even under the shade of a tent), her handler regularly mists her with cool water from a spray bottle. With her black facial stripes, this photogenic l’il darling looks very much like a Peregrine Falcon in miniature.


Can’t close out this post without a profile shot! 😀 The smallest falcon in North America, the American Kestrel is also among the smallest of raptors, period. A diet of insects, voles, and mice keeps to these crop pests at bay. They are the most common falcons in North America, and are falconers’ favourites.



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