The Power of the Hat Trick

This gallery contains 3 photos. No, this isn’t a post about ice hockey, even though puck season is just around the corner. But after observing that khaki and dull colours are great wildlife camouflage, I added a fedora to my favourite casuals to disguise myself in an ongoing search to photograph the Rufous Hummingbird up close in the backyard.


And wouldn’t you know, it worked! Of (at least) two visiting Rufous Hummingbirds (the other one has considerably more orange spots on its neck), I’m pretty sure that this is the lady (and more refined) of the two. She seems much less feisty (and quieter) that the male, who has been bold enough to challenge me several times — more than three times he has been as close as six inches from my face!


This beauty let me approach to within five feet (which was as close as my lens would focus, anyway). I first spotted her earlier that evening chasing a bushtit, but their sheer numbers soon quelled whatever bossiness she may have felt (as many as twelve small but noisy grey birds swarmed the suet feeder simultaneously several times that evening)! She opted to sit in the hybrid fruit tree until well after they had left, which is where I photographed her on August 5.



18 thoughts on “The Power of the Hat Trick

  1. Oh wow, this is wonderful! To my limited knowledge, hummingbirds are notoriously difficult to ‘capture’ on film (err…digital camera), but your shots are always perfect, and perfectly composed. It must be so exciting to have such a variety of beautiful birds visit your backyard 🙂 ❤


  2. I had a weary traveller, female ruby throated, rest on my asters yesterday morning. I tiptoed about my garden duties so as not to wake her. After an hour or so she was gone and headed on her way south.


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