Wildlife Up Close: Green Iguana

This gallery contains 2 photos. Now this is one reptile I’ve yet to meet in a pet shop, but probably because there wasn’t a terrarium there big enough to hold it! Released from the Vivarium for a bit of show and tell, this 4.5-foot-plus green iguana (named Kiwi) was busy basking in both the attention of human visitors and the heat of the pre-noon sun.


Much to our amusement, Kiwi was actually quite restless, and required re-placement on the tree by the handler/exhibitor. Photographed at the Greater Vancouver Zoo on September 14.



12 thoughts on “Wildlife Up Close: Green Iguana

  1. Wow, he looks so…prehistoric and cool 😀 My husband used to have an iguana for a pet (when he was a boy), and I remember him mentioning how it grew to a few feet. Love the photos, two thumbs up! 🙂


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