Whimsical Wednesday: Rubber Duckies

This gallery contains 3 photos. Even the plastic kind flock together. And, at least I know that these ones won’t deflate somewhere in the ocean. 😀

Rubber Duckies

There’s so much action happening in this photo! A little gossip in the upper left corner, a standoff in the middle, and a medical exam in the lower right corner. Note that not all rubber duckies have a ring on the top of their heads — these ones are going to be awfully hard to hook!


The fundraising portion of O.W.L.’s open house included a bobbing-for-rubber-duckies challenge to see how many duckies you could hook in the raptor flight training centre. Sort of like the machine you’d see in arcades or bowling alleys or restaurants, where you try to use a mechanized pair of jaws to pick up a stuffed toy. Live fish are normally placed in this pool to help raptors learn how to fish for themselves in the wild.



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