Holy Giant Hibiscus, Batman!

This gallery contains 4 photos. Bigger than a dinner plate is this giant pink hibiscus. Things that are small inspire a solemn wonder at the amazing versatility of nature to create such intricacy and complexity in a microcosm.


Things that are unusually oversized inspire the use of metaphors, superlatives, double takes, and the overuse of exclamation marks. Although it’s no match for elephant ears plants, the giant hibiscus could really give the sunflower a run for its money when it comes to size.


Blooms can measure more than 1 foot across. The Paul Bunyan-esque like florals were photographed at Piper Spit along Burnaby Lake in Burnaby, BC, on August 30. The giant hibiscus has been called a showstopper, and it certainly stopped me in my tracks.


This is a serious macro of the stamen. But enlargement was not really necessary. It was done to show that everything but the kitchen sink could be lost in it. 😀



2 thoughts on “Holy Giant Hibiscus, Batman!

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