Feline Funnies: More Catitude

This gallery contains 4 photos. The Beautiful Cat came back on August 25. Here she (and I’m pretty sure it is a she, because she is a calico cat) poses almost solemnly for my camera. I have yet to photograph her meowing … she’s the (relatively) strong, silent type.

Her best Sphinx-like pose. The half-mustache is cute, isn’t it?

She remembers us. And the backyard. Where she caught and ate an insect at her leisure. It’s not easy to keep that beautiful ruff impeccably clean, but this little lady pulls it off with only a few bits of grass.

Sometimes ya just gotta stop what you’re doing and stare.

She was pawing at the mesh screen at the top of the sunroom, giving me the big Puss-in-Boots/liquid-eyed stare, and meowing at the top of her voice, as if to say, “Milk! Milk! My catdom for a saucer of milk!” She’s clearly mastered the art of guilt tripping, cuz it worked on me. 🙂

Kitty suddenly sits upright. Does she spot an insect?

All was forgiven with the requisite saucer of milk (15 laps) and scratches behind the ears, around the ruff, and strokes along the body. This is what utter bliss and contentment looks like on a cat. Kitty did not purr (she’s apparently got high standards), but the partially closed eyes are a close second.

Yes, right there is purrr-fect. Her Felineness couldn’t be more happy.


10 thoughts on “Feline Funnies: More Catitude

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