Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs (II)

This gallery contains 3 photos. A sign of the time: the analog clock with the inscription ‘We Serve’ donated by the Vancouver Mandarin Lions Club has stood outside the Bloedel Conservatory since 1995. All photographs were taken on April 27. More examples of signs can be found here.


A sign of good taste and great views: Seasons in the Park is a fine dining restaurant, also situated at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park, next to the Bloedel Floral Conservatory. It overlooks the gardens below, and diners are also treated to a sweeping expanse of the Metro Vancouver landscape. As the highest point in Vancouver, Q.E. Park — built on an extinct volcano — was once formerly a rock quarry before its conversion to beautiful gardens and unveiling to the general public in the 1960s.


A sign of improvement: the dome of the 40-something-year-old Bloedel Floral Conservatory (Canada’s first geodesic biome) was undergoing replacement, triangular acrylic bubble by triangular acrylic bubble, during our most recent visit to it. The $1.3 million project began in January 2014 and took seven months to complete.



5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs (II)

    • I try to avoid (natural) lighting that produces harsh shadows and overbright conditions, but when it’s inevitable (and no amount of in-camera compensation helps), post-processing in Photoshop by adjusting highlights and shadows helps a lot.


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