Wildlife Up Close: Madagascan Lemurs

This gallery contains 3 photos. What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys? A platform of Madagascan lemurs! This unusually animated and restless trio was photographed monkeying around despite the late summer heat spell (as nocturnal creatures, they should be napping the day away!) If I had to wear fur coats as thick as these, I’d be as still as a capybara!

The three very hirsute, very goth musketeers: Hairy, Furry, and Stole.

Caught in the act: those big round yellow eyes always convey a sense of being surprised. These two ain’t huddling for warmth, but they were exchanging tongues (I felt a bit like a voyeur for capturing this tender moment) when they weren’t socially grooming each other.

Mildred! No tongue! Oh dear, we’re now fodder for the six o’clock news!

Surprisingly, this was one of the few animal species that we spotted to not be behind a wire enclosure. Their habitat was surrounded by water though, and I wonder if that’s what keeps them from wandering off. Photographed at the Greater Vancouver Zoo on September 14.

Quit mooning me!


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