Summer Harvest: Colourful Comestibles (III)

This gallery contains 5 photos. (More or less) natural goodness from the garden, part 3! This good-sized tomato is ripe, and splitting on the sides. It’s one of many tomato breeds that fruited this summer. Photographed on the evening of August 16 with external flash.


The green bell peppers got nice and big, although the heirloom tomatoes (not pictured here) gave the former a good run for size. Photographed on the evening of August 16 with external flash.


Kiwifruit (still ripening on the vines). Photographed on the sunny afternoon of September 28 …


… and the same kiwifruits sliced open, almost a month later. Photographed indoors with external flash on a black background on the evening of October 20.


And a hybrid tree full of small but prolific ripening damson plums … they choke the slender limbs with their density, to the degree that a thick stake is needed to prop up the branches! Alas, they are loved well (all too well) by the birds, raccoons, and squirrels. Photographed on August 8.



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