Princess of the Park

This gallery contains 3 photos. There isn’t a place left in the garden that Kitty hasn’t scented, licked, sniffed, nibbled, and claimed as her own. Getting her to be still for the camera (like most animals) can be a bit of a challenge. Except here, where she looks like she’s posing next to the leaves of the camellia. Photographed on an overcast October 22, 2014, afternoon with external flash.


When she isn’t making herself comfortable on laps (head bumps, cat kisses, cat licks, kneading, love bites, purrs, and more — we’ve experienced all forms of feline affection), chairs, cushions, or tables, it’s trees that deserve her attention. Here she is at the base of the old apple tree, thinking about a climb.


I’ve never seen a cat do pull ups before. Until now. This is one fit kitty who needs a lot of stimulation and diversion–which she finds in abundance in our backyard. Kitty usually goes home at last light — the only time she waited a little longer was when a strange new cat showed up and prowled the backyard fence. She waited in silence and watched it a long, long time before leaving.



4 thoughts on “Princess of the Park

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