A Fearless Conqueror

This gallery contains 3 photos. It’s the furry fixture again! She is the Stairmaster (pictured here on the upper steps leading to the sunroom, just underneath the Eastern Lily Cactus pot, her favourite snack). From this vantage point, she likes to survey the garden below and watch the birds that come to nick the seeds. Photographed October 19.


She is the intrepid Tree Explorer, having ascended and descended the older, thicker fruit trees at least a dozen times now (pictured here giving me the eyeball in the old plum tree). She tried to climb the shed once, but couldn’t get down with the mess of gardening implements on the bottom (probably the only time she needed human assistance). Photographed October 19.


She is the fearless Climber of Big Puffy Cushions. No other kitty is as brave or shamelessly demanding of our affections and attentions — all the others scatter when they see us. Photographed September 20.



5 thoughts on “A Fearless Conqueror

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