Pinky’s Back

This gallery contains 3 photos. Getting in the last bit of nectar before the freeze sets in is this male Anna’s Hummingbird. At least two males patronize the backyard feeders and flowers on a daily basis. Photographed on a sunny November 12 afternoon with my long lens.

You are cleared for takeoff!

A few days before, both combatants came and sat peacefully on the lower limbs of the apple tree, not two feet from where I had just finished refilling the suet feeder. Both gave me sidelong glances. For fifteen seconds, no one moved (of course, I didn’t have my camera with me!)


This little guy is the less pink of the two — the other has an almost completely developed pink crown. He’s spent the last two days singing scratchily, hunting, drinking, and defending his territory in the back yard. The dropping temperatures at night have forced these feisty birds to drink from the nectar feeders as well as the flowers.

Can’t a fella scratch himself in private?


6 thoughts on “Pinky’s Back

    • more photos are coming up … they’ve gotten much less fussy with the personal space, now that there are really no flowers left, the weather is much colder, and the nectar feeder is all that’s left to sip! 🙂


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