Havin’ a Sip of the Good Stuff

This gallery contains 2 photos. After turning up their bills at the sugar water this summer, the (Anna’s) hummingbirds are taking to it. Freezing cold temperatures have ended the reign of the popular anise hyssop (which flowered until early November). Taken on November 17 with a tripod-mounted long lens is my first clear photo of an Anna’s female drinking the sweet stuff.


Even taken with the long lens under good lighting, freezing a flying hummingbird (never mind getting stills!) is challenging. There are at least two Anna’s (one male, one female) who are claiming our backyard as their territory! Taken hand held on November 15.



8 thoughts on “Havin’ a Sip of the Good Stuff

    • the feeder photo was crisp only because he was sitting still 🙂 … I have not managed to get a single clear photo when he’s hovering and feeding at the feeder at the same time. 🙂

      the adult male has an iridescent pink gorget (throat feathers) and pink crown … basically he looks like he’s wearing a fuschia balaclava. this is definitely a male, but only when the sun hits the black spots under his chin just right can you see the pink gorget shine.

      this photo shows what an adult Anna’s male looks like: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joangee/3271616677/

      the female Anna’s only has a few spots of pink under her chin. juvenile males are tricky because they look very much like Anna’s (and only closeups of the tail feathers will tell the difference).

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