Steller Sea Lions

This gallery contains 4 photos. Why we didn’t hear these muscled pinnipeds (and there are four of them) on our previous visit is a mystery. This one certainly knows how to ham it up for the camera. Photographed December 7 at the Vancouver Aquarium.


The biggest of all sea lions, Stellers are very vocal … they certainly didn’t hold back their calls of disapproval during the dolphin and beluga shows. Despite their massive size, Stellers are on the near threatened list due to unexplained population declines. My, what sharp, black teeth you have!


The two that we saw basking on the ledge are young, and nowhere as big as the full-grown adult males (and females). Their sleek, streamlined physiques make them bullet-fast swimmers.


This last photo was taken with a superzoom camera. If a Steller Sea Lion could look cynical (doesn’t the gaze shout “Are you kidding me?”), this one takes the cake.



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