Little Holiday Miracle: Varied Thrush

This gallery contains 2 photos. One of my favourite birds to photograph, and one of the most elusive. This beautiful male Varied Thrush had a head-on collision with a window, just a few days before Christmas. Fortunately, he was only stunned, and roosted in the cherry tree for a few moments before flying off — giving me precious moments (and exactly 200 photographs) to capture his elusive beauty from the upper floor sunroom, some 15 feet away.


This is one of two (the other is a female with muted brown and orange hues) Varied Thrushes who have returned to the backyard (after spending the summer and fall elsewhere) to brighten up our shorter winter days! This is also the first year that I have seen them munching on the cotoneaster berries that grow along the fence in the backyard. Photographed on December 21.


19 thoughts on “Little Holiday Miracle: Varied Thrush

    • I photographed male and female Varied Thrushes last winter, but they don’t always show up, and when they do, shooting them must often be done at a great distance. I did indeed have a great holiday. Thank you, Takami, and have a Happy New Year!


  1. Wow I see, a beautiful varied thrush! The thrushes we have over in Europe are not nearly as vibrant and don’t really look the same in appearance either. They look much like a fieldfare and their color is rather dull! Lovely capture and lucky it survived the impact 🙂

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    • usually they only make their appearances when it’s dreary and rainy … which makes long-range photography hard!

      those were my best efforts after trying to photograph them for two years. 🙂

      PS. just photographed another new bird species in my backyard for my life list. now I need to figure out what it is! 🙂

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