Wildlife Up Close: Ring-Necked Ducks

This gallery contains 3 photos. Look carefully or else you may miss the dark red ring around the necks of the males of this particular waterfowl species. The males–who possess piercing yellow eyes–also have iridescent black heads that reflect as purple or green in the sunlight.


My first acquaintance with these small migratory birds in Vancouver happened just past lunch time in a more secluded pond of this wildlife refuge. Males and females swam together, and dove every 5-7 seconds — almost like synchronized swimmers.


Here is a female. There were no more than 4 pairs of Ring-Necked ducks in this area, and they swam with the other less numerous waterfowl (Lesser Scaups and American Coots). Photographed at the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary on a sunny but not too cold Sunday, December 14.



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