Wildlife Up Close: Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

An unexpected Christmas gift was this welcome from a male Ruby-Crowned Kinglet at the Elgin Heritage Park walking trail in Surrey. Bigger than most hummingbirds but smaller than a chickadee, this sweet and hyperactive little bundle of energy was constantly flitting from branch to branch — perhaps courting my camera for birdseed. Photographed December 19.



16 thoughts on “Wildlife Up Close: Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

    • you’re right — he is! 🙂 he even gave me a couple of heart-melting headon looks, but this is the only shot that was clear.

      in fact, all the birds (Black-Capped Chickadees, Spotted Towhees, Song Sparrows, Golden-Crowned Sparrows, Cassin’s Finches) were constantly following us (with the exceptions of the Belted Kingfisher and Bald Eagles) because feeders are hung throughout through this park, and they hadn’t been refilled for a while. so they were all doing the dance (in the hopes that we had bird seed with usl!) 😀


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