Meditating on the Kiwi Vine

This gallery contains 2 photos. This is the female of two Anna’s hummingbirds who regularly stake out the back yard. This little lady is not as territorial or loud as her completely pink crowned male counterpart.

Lady Anna's Hummingbird on the Kiwivine
I was able to get within 4 feet of her — only the thicket prevented my further approach. The potted rosemary is now–in addition to sugar water–one of the few remaining sources of nectar for these hummers. Taken with the 100mm lens and external flash (set on high speed sync, to avoid overexposing the subject) on November 28, 2014.

Lady Anna's Hummingbird on the Kiwivine



20 thoughts on “Meditating on the Kiwi Vine

    • I hear that a lot from my fellow WordPress bloggers :), and yet some species of hummers can survive in the cold of the Andean mountains!

      just think if they could cross the oceans–I’m sure we would have at least 50 new species of hummingbirds and almost 400 species in total!


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