Battle of the Crests

This gallery contains 3 photos. There’s lots to be admired when you’re a Hooded Merganser. Crests are your specialty, whether you’re the male or the female. The ladies have lovely cinnamon crests, and the gentlemen inflatable black-and-white numbers complemented by a one-size-fits-all black tux for all seasons with a swath of reddish brown on their sides. Photographed on February 10.


The things some guys will do to get a date. Two Hooded Merganser drakes vie for the affections of this hen with their frog-like calls, raised crests, and elaborate neck displays. Yes, I was privy to the ribbiting, extended necks, and frilled displays of crests. 🙂


The sun finally broke through just as we were finishing our photo shoot of the latest users of the new pond at Centennial Beach/Boundary Bay Regional Park. She’s still a bit far away in this photo, but this is one of the four Hooded Merganser hens who gets the camera all to herself!




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