I Like Your White Booties!

Taken from about 30 feet away on the second floor sunroom on April 23 is the first Rufous hummingbird (probably a female) that I’ve managed to photograph in our backyard with any degree of clarity.  Continue reading

A Day for Black Oystercatchers

This gallery contains 3 photos. Since our first encounter with them, Black Oystercatchers have been quite approachable shorebirds, but I didn’t expect them to actually fly into our vicinity. Continue reading

A Rash of Springtime Goslings

This gallery contains 3 photos. You’ll have to excuse the softness of these photos. 🙂 Canada Geese are so adorable when they’re small. These little ones are feeling drowsy after their morning swim at the Reifel Migratory Bird Continue reading

Deja View with A Lesser Scaup

This gallery contains 2 photos. One of a co-ed flock of five Lesser Scaups, a small diving duck species that make up the less common waterfowl population at Piper Spit / Burnaby Lake. This is the closest that I’ve gotten to a male Lesser Scaup Continue reading