A Day for Black Oystercatchers

This gallery contains 3 photos. Since our first encounter with them, Black Oystercatchers have been quite approachable shorebirds, but I didn’t expect them to actually fly into our vicinity. Photographed on February 27.


This pair had squabbled with their small flock of five, and decided to fly by and forage within 10 feet of my camera instead. This was the second of two pairs of Oystercatchers that we saw today; we got close to the first pair, and this second pair got close to us.


An industrious Black Oystercatcher works away at its prize (that is one deft bill). They may be called Oystercatchers, but we saw only clams and mussels being deftly pried apart for their tasty flesh by these expert shuckers. Photographed on the south side of the Tsawwassen Ferry Causeway.


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16 thoughts on “A Day for Black Oystercatchers

  1. Ahhh yes, I know these ones! But they’re not nearly as creepy as the ducks! I don’t find these ones particularly handsome either to be honest, I’m quite picky eheh they do have a great bill tho!

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