Made NatGeo’s DD! Vote Now!

I made the YourShot Daily Dozen for June 26 with my closeup of a St. John’s Wort flower. Please vote with your FaceBook / NatGeo account by visiting this link (click the blue button for the 2nd image from the bottom). Thank You! 

Closeup of a St. John's Wort

UPDATE: Although I placed second by 88 votes with a total of 201 votes and did not move into the second round for Top Shot, it was a nice experience to have one of my photos published for the first time at National Geographic. Thank you to everyone for voting!


22 thoughts on “Made NatGeo’s DD! Vote Now!

    • thank you, Takami! it’s hard to keep up with all of our various websites at the same time (we’d need to clone ourselves!) … my WordPress blog kind of fell into that category. 🙂

      I’m looking forward to your images on NatGeo’s YourShots! 🙂


  1. Hiya, fellow Canadian. Congratulations on being picked at NatGeo. I just left you a note at your site if I may use you photo to introduce you to others all credit and linked to your sites. Please don’t say sorry. 😛

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