The Whiskeyjacks of Manning

This gallery contains 2 photos. If someone combined the adorably big head and black eyes of a Black-Capped Chickadee with the colours and bill of a Kookaburra in a Jay-sized body, they’d have the whimsically-named Whiskeyjack (also known as Grey Jays, Gray Jays, or Canada Jays). We saw no fewer than six. Their favourite haunts included the picnic tables, where they would descend on diners in the hopes of free handouts (and give us a very good idea of their size — these are fairly large birds!) Photographed on June 5.

A Bold Whiskeyjack

If this profile closeup doesn’t scream “smaller cousin to the Kookaburra,” nothing will. This is our first encounter with these cuties. I was initially disappointed that they were completely absent from the main Manning Park Lodge/Resort area. That changed in rather short order when we visited the Lightning Loop Trail (4 km away from the Lodge), and were besieged with a cute overload.

A Bold Whiskeyjack



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