Hovering in Flight

This is a young female Anna’s hummingbird. The white background you see is actually the exterior of the house — I was trying to photograph one of the Chestnut-Backed Chickadees, and the buzz of her wings led me to re-orient the lens. This was a red-letter day for hummingbirds; we had to move the ant- and bee-infested front lawn nectar feeder to the backyard (the water-filled ant moat and bee guards did not deter either), and that caused five hummingbirds to war among themselves for the right to drink from the flowers and nectar feeders in the backyard. Photographed on June 9.

Female Anna's Hummingbird Hovers

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19 thoughts on “Hovering in Flight

    • not intentionally 🙂 … she was at the nectar feeder, and I just happened to be there with my camera. she was just curious about me, and I guess this is the hummingbird equivalent of a raised eyebrow. 😉


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